Notary and Commission

A sworn declaration is a document with a set of statements that you declare and affirm to be true (such as an “affidavit”). You need to do this in front of a “commissioner of oaths”. A commissioner of oaths is someone authorized by the Province of Ontario to witness certain kinds of sworn declarations. You could be asked to affirm a declaration when you apply to the government for something or by a company when they need information from you. It may be a form given to you or you may be expected to write it yourself.

Sometimes government forms ask you to sign them in front of a “notary public”. A notary public is a person authorized by the Province of Ontario to witness the swearing of oaths and to certify documents. Declarations that will be sent outside of Ontario need to be “notarized”. You may also need the services of a notary if you require certified copies of documents. We will make photocopies and then “certify” them as copies of the original by having the notary public sign the copies.

  • Affidavits (i.e. Commissioner of Oaths, etc.)sworn statement by an individual
  • Certify Copies of Original documents
  • Statutory declaration (re: common law status, marriage abroad, work experience, etc.)
  • Invitation Letters for Visit visas (for family, friends, etc)
  • Certified True Copies (of Driver’s License, Passports, Diplomas, Birth Certificates, Permanent Residency cards
  • “Travel Consent” letter for children traveling abroad with spouse or family member)
  • Custodianship Declaration Form
  • Passport forms and applications (for Adult or Child)
  • Name Change Application
  • Sworn Statement for a Family Gift of a Used Vehicle in the Province of Ontario
  • Guarantor
  • OSAP Form
  • Used Vehicle Transfer Form
  • Common-law Declaration
  • Automobile Proof of Loss insurance form
  • Certificate of Authorization for Professional Corporation
  • Diplomas and Degrees

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