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What Restrictions Are Currently In Force That Affect Immigration and Travel to Canada?

With Covid19 Restrictions Changing Almost Daily It Is Difficult to Keep Updated on Immigration Process and Travel Access Into Canada. The Professionals At Affordable Immigration and Paralegal Support Can Help!

A Helpful Resource For How to Keep Updated Regarding the Immigration and Travel Restrictions Arising Due to Covid19

Airplane in sky traveling from abroad Travel restrictions and immigration status affect many immigrants who need to enter Canada.  Changing policy and rules must be made clear for you to know what to do.  The consultants at Affordable Immigration and Paralegal Support have the knowledge you need to navigate the restrictions and rules and enter Canada with minimal challenges.  Contact Affordable Immigration and Paralegal Support for the latest updates regarding the information and details you need to make coming to Canada as easy and timely as possible.

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Get current information from the Immigration and Citizenship website regarding who can currently travel into Canada including information relevant to Canadian citizens, permanent residents, foreign nationals, and refugees.


Get notice updates and stay informed regarding the reopening of entry into Canada, reopening of support centres, quarantine requirements, conditions and restrictions, among other relevant notices, as relating to the impact of Covid19.

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